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KUMA-Fort Tilden, NY b a d c
Fort Tilden Art Project 2014
Artist : $HOwTA, DAO, MISTAKOY, and Rich Monet b a d c
Bushwick Graffiti - HERT, TRAP, DART, ATAK b a d c
I was featured in “NEWTRAL, a well known Japanese art magazine in 2009”.
$HOwTA, $, 2013 b a d c
Camouflage Double Monk Strap Shoe Graffiti in Brooklyn, NY.
$HOwTA, $, 2013 b a d c
KAWS - Pass The Blame at Mary Boone Gallery b a d c
Hand painted an anchor on vintage wood made by me for my friend, DAP.
$HOwTA, Japan b a d c
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Ghostface Killah Stencil in SOHO, NYC.
$HOwTA, 2013. b a d c
Swoon in Fort Greene, Brooklyn 2013 b a d c
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